How to Spot Authentic Supreme vs Fake: Ultimate Guide

In this article I'm going to walk you through some of the basic guidelines as to how you can separate authentic Supreme clothing and apparel from the fake ones, and down the line, save yourself a ton of money, headache and time. Spotting fake Supreme can be a hard task especially if you don't know what to look for so hopefully this guide will help you out.

Remember, I have a Legit Sellers page where I list all authentic sellers online so be sure to check it out. With that being said, let's go ahead and get started with the guide...

Supreme Box Logo
Supreme Box Logo

- Look at the logo: A real Supreme box logo has a very rich and dark red around the white ‘Supreme’ word. On the other hand, the fake product’s logo is going to be light like a more cherry color, or too dark, like wine.
- Look at the stitching: On the real logo, the stitching is very sturdy and has a distinctive crisscross pattern like many small diamonds put together through diagonal stitching. But in a counterfeit product, the stitches are simply horizontal and vertical, overlapping each other. Also, the edges of the logo should be uniform. In a fake one, the edges along with its stitching will be sloppy.
- The letters: In the real Supreme logo, all the letters are placed very close to each other, almost touching. However, in the fake, the letters will be quite far apart from each other. Pay close attention to the ‘r’ and the ‘e’. In the real, they will touch each other.
- Place it under the sun: In the real Supreme logo, the white is very crisp and matte. But, a fake one is more grey than white. When placed directly under the sun, the fake Supreme logo will give off a glint.
- Look at the tag: There must be ample space between the cross stitching and the word ‘Supreme’ in the tag logo, or else your product is a fake.

Supreme Caps
Supreme Caps

- Look at the font: The real Supreme logo on the cap will always be in italics. In most fake hats, the Supreme logo is written in straight print.
- The strap: Look at the back of the hat. The extra strap from the clipping section should be facing the right side, in a real Supreme hat. In most fakes, the extra straps face left. Also, pay attention to the length of the strap. It should be small, in the real hats.
- The brim: In most Supreme 5 panel hats, the brims have at least five lines of stitching, which are easily visible. However, in most fake Supreme hats, the brims have four or even less number of stitching lines.
- Fold the hat in half: Take the hat and fold it in half. If it is real Supreme hat, then the two eyelets on the left should align perfectly and so should the two eyelets on the right side. If they do not, then your hat is most definitely not an authentic Supreme hat.
- The tag: In an authentic Supreme hat, the tag will be roughly like a square and be very small. However, in most Supreme fake hats, the tags are way bigger, resembling rectangles rather than squares. Also, the Supreme logo on the tag of the real one will be thicker, with less space between the letters, but in a fake one, the letters will be less thick, with ample space in between.
- The stitching: The stitching in the logo of the hat will be close to the border, which means the logo will not fold up at any point. But in a fake one, the edges will start to fold in.

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Supreme Hoodies
Supreme Hoodies

- Look at the tags: In a real Supreme hoodie, the “made in” tag ends exactly at the center of the Supreme tag, whereas in the fakes ones, the “made in” tag is significantly smaller or longer.
- The washing tag: In a real Supreme hoodie, you can clearly see the stitching across the top of the washing instructions tag, while a in a counterfeit hoodie, the top of the washing tag with be tucked into the cross stitching of the hood. Also, the real tags will not be very glossy.
Also, most real washing tags do not have die stitching along their edges.
- Placement of the logo: In a fake hoodie, the washing tag logo will be stitched towards the side of the box logo, but in a real Supreme hoodie, the tag will be sewn along the edge of the inside.
- The side tags: In the side tag, there should be no space left between the letters and the sides. In a fake, the letters will be very small, and consequently, the side tag will look bigger and emptier.
- The drawstrings: All of the Supreme hoodies before 2000 have flat drawstrings. If they have round drawstrings, then chances are that they are fake.

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Supreme Tees and Shirts
Supreme Tees and Shirts

- Look at the stitching: Around the neckline of a half-sleeved tee, you will not have visible double or even single stitching. If you do have a visible stitching, then it is fake.
- Look at the tag: There is a section that says “MADE IN U.S.A.” and in the real Supreme tee, there is always a dot after U, S and A. If any of the three dots are missing, then it’s a fake.
- Turn the tag over: When you turn the tag over, there should be a Supreme watermark that is not written in italics, but straight letters in white, and it feels raised when touched. The italic watermark is an indication of a fake product, and the fake watermark will also not be crisp white. It is also more difficult to read the real watermark in dim light.
If they are collaboration tees, then the real Supreme shorts will also carry the collaboration marks on their tags
- The size: If the Supreme tee is older, that is before 2007, then chances are that the size of the shirt will be printed on the underside of the tag.

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Supreme Backpacks and Bags
Supreme Backpacks and Bags

- Pay attention to the color.: With many different Supreme backpacks, it’s difficult to tell which is the exact shade of color. Usually, real Supreme backpacks have rich color. Pay attention to the tone of the color. A fake backpack will reflect a poor, weak hue.
- Check the durability of the straps: One of the most important things to look at to check the quality of a backpack is its straps. Fake Supreme backpacks may come in different designs, materials, and shapes, although they try to imitate the same Supreme bag. A real Supreme backpack will have durable straps. Some original models may have thinner straps, while others may have thicker ones. Regardless, the size of the width of the straps should matter less than their actual durability. Wear the bag around and add some weights to check its durability.
- Look at the stitching: The style of stitching may vary among different Supreme backpack models. In general, the stitching of a real Supreme backpack should be of uniform size. The line of stitching should follow the edges smartly.
- Consider the logo: A real box logo of a Supreme product has a rich and dark red color around the “Supreme” word in white color. A fake one, on the other hand, will have either a lighter color like a cherry color or a darker color like wine.
- Look at the tag: An original Supreme product should have copious space between the word “Supreme” in the tag. If not, chances are it is a fake product.

In conclusion, if you are buying Supreme items, always and always buy from a legitimate sellers. Make sure to check and read reviews from past buyers and do some research on their overall reputation online.
 You can join reddit or any hypebeast type forum and ask for a "legit check". Lastly, your intuition is your best friend, and it will always let you know if something is off about the product.

So where do you buy authentic Supreme?

For eBay, the legit sellers are: croatianstyle, poofyo101jumpmansneakers, pondon, uniquehypecollection. For other online websites and resellers head over to my legit sellers page.

That's it folks! Hope this guide helps you and if you have any questions contact me.