Supreme Headwear Guide (REAL Supreme Beanies, Hats, Caps)

As per the trend, Supreme has a diverse array of headwear to pair up with your favorite Supreme tees or hoodie. You will find headwear for all seasons in the Supreme collection with many styles. In this guide, I will be giving a quick overview of the Supreme headwear guide and everything else you need to know before getting yours.

Supreme Headwear Guide
How to spot fake Supreme Hat & Cap

Supreme caps are widely popular among streetwear admirers. Hence having replicas in the market is no surprise, you will see many 11 fakes in many stores. Spotting fake hats and caps is a bit tricky as there might be no distinguishing logo or prints to look for. However, I have picked the following areas to look for while buying Supreme caps or hats in-store or online.

Logo: Original Supreme caps and hats with box logos are much easier to spot. The box logo is the signature trademark logo of the brand. Focus on logo fonts and they must be italicized and consistently bold. The fake Supreme logo is inconsistent in spacing and font texture with no italics on S and P. Also, the stitching of the logo tells a lot about the quality, the real one is neat and has excellent look and finish.

Tags: Tags are the ultimate first step while spotting fake Supreme products, I can’t emphasize more than this to always prioritize tags for authenticity. Neck tags are obvious when it comes to fakes, the original Supreme has signature neck labels. So if you are familiar with the Supreme box logo front and look it will be a clear catch. Next, is the red made-in label located a few millimeters to the right of the signature label. If the neck label is shorter in size and overlaps with the secondary tag it must be a fake. Another great way to determine the length of the original logo is by comparing it to your pinky finger. The real logo label should be around its size.

Bill: Supreme caps have particular bill patterns which make them stand out from fake ones. At first, beginners might not feel much of a difference. If you look closely the bill has depth on the inside giving it a raised look as compared to a flat bill of fake caps. While checking the bill don’t forget to look for the position Supreme box logo and wash tags for confirmation.

Black, red, camo, green, blue, white, pink, and orange are popular Supreme hat and cap colors. So be more careful while shopping for these color schemes in any style. Fakes are majorly dominated by widely popular articles.

Supreme Hat/Cap Styles
Supreme Hat Cap Styles

There is a ton of variety in the Supreme headwear collection with many limited-time editions. What makes these caps, hats,s or beanies special is the quality of the brand and the crazy hype. Getting a matching hat with Supreme’s clothing will be the ultimate fashion goal for streetwear lovers. Follow these steps to identify fake Supreme headwear.

These 5-panel caps are the most famous genre of Supreme headwear. I have a couple of them in neutral designs which look great on a variety of streetwear clothing. You will find these evergreen caps in a premium solid color palette of the brand, And many others with printed designs and collabs with renowned brands as well.

New Era
The new era collection of headwear includes all the latest and amazing diversity of 6 Panel, Trooper, Cycling Cap, Boonie, camping caps, and most favorite Beanies. Supreme’s popular beanies' colors are black, red, white, pink, and blue. That is excellent for styling with any modest winter attire. However, don’t forget to check the tags and logo on the beanies before purchasing one.

How much do real Supreme Beanies, Hats, and Caps cost?

Supreme hats, caps, and beanies of all styles and collection retail start from the $38 average price. Which goes up to $10, 000 for their premium collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton. Supreme headwear can definitely fall in the cheap to really expensive category. This makes the brand a clear luxury in the headwear section as well. Hence I will suggest getting some good neutral colors to fit your budget and quality from this premium brand.

Where to Buy Real and Authentic Supreme Headwear

You can shop real Supreme headwear on their weekly drops for the latest collection. Or you can purchase from reliable sources listed throughout this website for a huge variety of Supreme headwear from all collections. In-store shopping is always a great experience if you want to try the fit and size. Of course you can always buy from reputable eBay sellers: croatianstyle, poofyo101jumpmansneakers, pondon, uniquehypecollection

I have shared key methods to spot fake Supreme headwear including all the latest and previous collections. Just like other clothing, headwear is getting intensely popular and the market is full of replicas. Hence follow this guide and your shopping instinct to get the best deal.