How to Buy and Sell Supreme (Supreme Resell Guide)

Looking to buy or sell your Supreme but don't have a clue on how to get started or need some help? I wrote this guide to hopefully help everyone out. This guide has helpful instructions and tips on how to buy Supreme from the official website, how to buy from LEGIT resellers and eBay and also how and where to sell your Supreme items.

Buying from the Supreme website
Supreme Box Logo

If you're NOT planning to shop/buy on drop day then all you have to do is head to the official Supreme store and browse any items you like, add to your cart and provide your shipping and payment information. The downside of not buying on drop day is that there's a really high chance that the popular items and small/medium sizes are already sold out as most items are snatched up rather quickly on drop day.

If you're planning to buy on drop day, then it's a whole different ball game and it involves some planning and luck. Below are some instructions and tips to increase your odds of copping that Supreme item you really want.

1. Supreme online stores are updated at Thursday 11am local time for NYC, London and Japan. I suggest going to the official Supreme website a few minutes before 11am.
2. Keep refreshing the page to see what’s new and what’s been added to their collection. But do not refresh it too much as the website might think you’re a bot.
3. Add the items you want to buy to your cart. But, you cannot add more than one of the same item to your cart. The only solution is to buy it on a separate order using a different card.
4. Proceed to check out and fill in all of your details, and place your order.
5. Wait for the confirmation email with your order and shipping details.

Having said all this, it is not always guaranteed that you can get the item you want, because a lot of times even after you have added things to your cart, they tend to sell out, as someone else from other part of the world ordered the same and last item before you. The best you can do is try to be fast. Like I said, it involves luck.

Want a higher chance of copping Supreme on drop day?
The short answer to that question is to use a bot. Some people use them and some don't. I personally run a bot and have successfully cop a few items using them. I have the AIOBot. Honestly, if you have some money to spare, it's worth the investment. They are not that complicated to use. Have a look at the bot features below:
Supreme Bot

Supreme Website Buying Tips:
Getting what you want from the official Supreme site can be difficult, particularly because their drops are limited, while the buyers are not. So, I’ll also talk about some helpful tips and tricks as to how you can cop that really hype Supreme item.

- Use an "autofill" extension/app. This way, when you are checking out, you do not have to type in your personal details and waste precious minutes. This extension does it for you. I personally use Fillr Autofill for Chrome but there are more out there, depends on your browser and device.
- Do not get greedy with the products. Know what you want and add it to your cart. When you try to add too many products into your cart, you lose time and hence, there are higher chances of the products being sold out.
- Go to the official website a few minutes before the update. However, do not refresh the page too much as the website will think you’re a bot and ban your IP address.
- Make sure that you have entered your credit card details accurately, or else your shipping will be cancelled.
- If you are looking forward to buying from their latest drop, do your research in advance to know what they are dropping and the details of the products. DropsByJay Instagram and Restocks app are both great source for this.
- Consider using a Supreme bot, if you really want to get that most hype items, you might need to UP your game and use a bot. As mentioned above, I purchased the AIOBot bot.

Head over to my Supreme Drops Guide article if you need more Supreme drop day goodness.

Buying authentic Supreme from eBay
Supreme eBay

Buying authentic Supreme from eBay can be rather risky. To be honest, I only buy from proven eBay sellers, they are: croatianstyle, poofyo101jumpmansneakers, pondon, uniquehypecollection. However, if you decide to buy from other sellers for whatever reason then make sure to follow my guide below:

- Read the seller reviews and feedbacks, this will be a good indication if the seller only sells authentic Supreme and will give you an idea of the sellers overall reputation.
- If you feel that something is off, you can always ask questions by private messaging the seller on eBay. You can also ask for a "legit" check on forums/reddit.
- Check the description listing carefully before you place it in your cart. It should have all of the details like price, size, color, original date of purchase, condition and so on.
- Once your order is placed, you will get a confirmation email with all of the details of the delivery.

Buying authentic Supreme from resellers
Supreme Resellers

I can't stress this enough, do your research and make sure you're ONLY buying from legitimate sources. On my Legit Sellers page I lists all (you guessed it) legit Supreme sellers online.

- So the first order of business is to only buy from legitimate sellers. Again, I have them listed all over this website.
- Next, browse through their inventory. You have to understand that these will not be cheap, and the rarer the item is, the more expensive it will be.
- Carefully review the listing that interest you -- like the size, colors, condition, shipping details etc.
- Always get in touch with the seller if you have doubts about the authenticity of the product or have any questions in general.
- Make sure to grab them quick, especially if they were part of the drop list that's really hype.

Supreme Reseller and eBay Buying Tips:
- Make sure that the Supreme product you are buying is authentic by checking all of the tags and the logos. Read my how to spot fake Supreme article and you can also ask for a "legit" check on forums/reddit.
- If the price for the product is too low, there's a really good chance that it's a fake.
- Before buying, look at some of the customer feedbacks and the reviews that they have received. Make sure they have positive feedbacks or has a good overall reputation online.
- Ask the seller for more pictures of the products, that are not directly taken from the Supreme website. They are bound to oblige. If they do not, then that is a possible red flag.

How to sell your Supreme
Supreme For Sale

- Always use a good camera to take pictures, and make sure to take multiple pictures of the same product from different angles.
- Make sure to include all of the details of the items, you're trying to sell such as size, color, condition, price, shipping info etc.
- Don't be dishonest about your listing, disclose everything like the condition, how old the item is, where you got it from etc.
- If you're selling a worn/used item, consider washing or cleaning your Supreme but be careful not to ruin them.
- I recommend shipping the item using USPS Priority (this includes tracking, insurance and faster shipping). Ship the item asap, provide tracking number to buyer and communicate with the buyer if needed.
- Have a PayPal account, this is the fastest and safest way of receiving your payment online.

Where to sell your Supreme

eBay: This is, undoubtedly, one of the best websites for selling and reselling of any kind of Supreme articles, be it caps or box logo hoodies. The buying and selling process happens to be very simple. Second hand Supreme, new that doesn’t fit, you can sell any Supreme stuff here. Listing an item is easy and you can also sell them very fast. One of the biggest social threads, Reddit is filled with pages and threads talking about Supreme, as well as being one of the biggest sites where one can sell new as well as second hand Supreme. Consignment website with 80/20 revenue split. Contact them and if you decide to list your Supreme they will handle all shipping, listing and inventory tracking for you.

That's pretty much covered everything. Hope this Supreme buying and selling guide helped you out. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.