Supreme Hoodie & Shirt Guide (Buy REAL Supreme!)

Imagine buying your wishlist hoodie or shirt from Supreme at a reasonable price. Sounds good, but what if they turned out to be one of those replicas? Nothing hits as bad as that feeling. I have been there too. Here I am with another precise guide with my experience to save you from buying fake Supreme hoodies and shirts and making you a pro at choosing the right product.

How to spot fake Supreme hoodies
How to spot fake Supreme hoodies

Buying Supreme hoodies in-store or online can be tricky for quality checks. As hoodies are best sellers and the most demanding clothing of the brand. You will find many local retailers claiming to sell authentic Supreme hoodies. Instead, they sell replicas, which makes things tricky for anyone. So if you need clarity, follow these methods to spot fake Supreme hoodies. All you need is to be observant, and you will be pro at it.

- The box Logo: Most Supreme hoodies feature their signature “box logo” design of 3.1 x 1.1. The basic rule here is to notice the alignment of the logo and stitching. Almost all fake hoodies have Supreme logos in different positions. Only the authentic one is perfectly aligned to the center with neat embroidery and stitching.

The logo size is the same as the fake, which is the main confusion for beginners. So next step will be a quick analysis of letters. The original logo’s “S” and “P” are slightly italicized, while the fake one has a straight look. It is an easy pickup difference between all fakes and authentic hoodies.

These two letters in fake are a bit floating to match the original one, so when you see this symmetry error, it will be an absolute fake. Stichting on the original hoodie is neat, and you will feel dense, with each letter having a perfect finish and vibrant colors. The fake logo is comparatively thick in letters and less dense on the stitching side.

- Wash Tag: Looking for these points on wash tags. Although these are minor details, sometimes they can give a major spot for fake hoodies. The real Supreme wash tag must be narrow and long. It must mention the blend of fabric percentage, i. e 90% cotton and 10% polyester. In contrast, the fake ones make the major flaw of writing “100% cotton” on wash tags. Secondly, look for font style and size. Fake wash tags tend to have bold letters, unsymmetrical or wrong font style.

- Neck Label: Neck label is another visible difference to spotting fake Supreme hoodies. The original neck label is downward to the “Made in Canada” tag. Fake hoodies will have primary neck labels almost equal to made labels with the same font. On the other hand, the original Supreme box label on the neck has a signature italicized font and is bigger. Also, look for asymmetrical text alignments on labels with the thin font.

- Drawstrings: Supreme uses flat drawstrings on all hoodies, which gives a bonus for spotting fake ones. The majority of replicas have low-quality typical drawstrings that are round in shape. Original drawstring fabric is premium, and you will notice a flat pattern regardless of turning them or twisting them around with flat knot ends.

- Colour and Fabric: Last but not least colors and fabrics of hoodies tell a lot about authenticity. Most Supreme hoodies are made on pre-shrunk 90% cotton, a high-quality fabric giving out a vibrant look to prints. Fake hoodie’s fabric will be rough or a bit like polyester with the muted color tone of prints. Popular Supreme hoodie colors are white, pink, red, purple, green, camo, yellow, and orange. So watch out for these colors, especially for replicas.

How to spot a fake Supreme shirt
How to spot a fake Supreme shirt

Authentic Supreme wash tags are the same for hoodies and shirts. The following are major points to observe while spotting fake shirts.

- Neck Label: Original Supreme neck labels must have detailed text about the collaborations. Most pieces of fake Supreme will skip these details or write them in tiny fonts that are almost unreadable. Here is an example of a real Supreme celeb collab shirt “® & © Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC” and “All Rights Reserved.” So, if you are going for a celebrity collab shirt, this is a major difference to spotting fake shirts. All other tag details will be the same as hoodies; I guess you know them now.

- Print Quality: Original Supreme’s print quality will have vibrant colors and high details. On the other hand, fakes have muted or extra saturated colors with mediocre print, asymmetrical alignments or material piling.

- Fabric and Stitching: Stitching around the neckline is a great method to spot fake Supreme shirts. If the stitching is visible and there is no neat finishing alongside the tags, it must be a fake. However, a few 11 replicas follow the stitching patterns, but you will still notice the lack of finishing and thickness in stitching on fake shirts.

Secondly, Fabric is another main point to ponder. If you are familiar with the basic type of fabric, you can distinguish between good-quality cotton and polyester. Fake shirts will have a rough texture and a weird slippery feel to them due to the high percentage of polyester. Supreme shirts primarily come in a 90% cotton and 10% polyester blend, which gives a soft, comfortable, and rugged feel.

Supreme Hoodie & Shirt FAQ
Supreme Hoodie and Shirt FAQ

How much does a real Supreme hoodie & shirt cost?
Are Supreme hoodies & shirts cheap or expensive? Real Supreme shirts retail around the starting price of $38, and hoodies fall within the $300s to mid $500s. Supreme is an expensive brand categorized as a “pioneer of streetwear” Also, I hope you know that Supreme does collaborate with other luxury brands and offers a separate collection that can cost up to $23,000, For example, Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt.

Where to buy real and authentic Supreme hoodies & shirts?
You can buy authentic Supreme hoodies and shirts from their official stores or website. Along with that, there are some reliable and verified online stores are selling new and preloved Supreme products.

What hoodies do Supreme use?
The majority of Supreme hoodies are made of preshrunk 90% cotton or fleece material. You can choose whichever is according to season or comfort. Both fabrics are of high quality, and you will get all the premium brand points here.

Are Supreme hoodies true to size?
Supreme hoodies fit true to length as they are made from pre-shrunk material. So in the case of cotton hoodies, they should be true to size. Or you can always size up if you are tall. For fleece hoodies, all are standard fit to the size chart. There shouldn’t be any issue.

I have shared everything you need to know about Supreme hoodies and shirts. And now you know how to buy a real one! I hope my methods might help you spot fake Supreme hoodies and shirts.