Why is Supreme so Expensive? (Is Supreme worth the hyped?)

No doubt, the Supreme brand has a ravaging effect on the market as one of the best designer brands. The brand is a top-notch for its bags, T-shirts and also one with the most expressive and simple style for its trademark.

But the real question here is; why is this brand expensive? Why is it tagged a billion dollar enterprise? Here I have some answers to these questions.

Supply and Demand

Supreme Supply and Demand
You should probably keep this piece of information at your fingertips. Note that the Supreme started as streetwear known to be a limited edition brand targeting youths at large. This implies its products are quite rare. For a while, there has been an increase in its demand even when it is limited. With this in mind, many Supreme resellers consider it an advantage to hype the product. This makes it expensive and of course might be above the worth of the product's quality.

Status Symbol

Supreme Status Symbol
The Supreme is well known for its logo, designed by Barbara Kruger a renowned Graphic Artist notable for her designs for magazines. The design is realistically the status symbol for the Supreme brand. Everywhere on the street, sidewalks and even parties you see someone wearing a T-Shirt with the Supreme logo, and it prompts an interest in you. Due to the net-worth the logo has gained and the value attached, there is undoubtedly a difference in price of a T-shirt with other common brand’s logo as to one with the Supreme logo.

Trendy and Popular

Supreme Trendy and Popular
It is one thing to have a brand, and it is another thing to consider the market. Most of the Supreme collections draw inspiration from other favorite labels such as Louis Vuitton, Comes Des Garcon. Anywhere you go you see youngsters especially teens rocking their Supreme made products trying to seek an identity for themselves.

Also, the popularity of the brand results from their uniqueness for quality and high net-worth amidst other brands. A lot of stars out there ranging from the likes of Kanye West and a host of others wear the Supreme as casual wear. This propels an increase in market value, thereby making them quite expensive.

"Hype beast" Culture

Supreme Hype beast Culture
Even though the Supreme might be known for their quality products, the hype surrounding this brand is way too high. If it is a collaborative product with another brand such as the Louis Vuitton, the hype is even more. The more the hype, the more the demand and market price. A lot of resellers make use of this as an opportunity to exploit people.

High Quality and Unique designs

Supreme High Quality and Unique designs
One more thing about Supreme and why it’s quite expensive is due to the fact they are manufactured with high-quality materials. They also have unique designs that an edge over other competitors. They offer items that provide an attractive look and comfortable feel when consumers wear them. With the manufacturing of quality products and designs becoming the most important thing to customers, the brand doesn’t come at a way too easy price.

Is Supreme Worth the Hype?

Is Supreme Worth the Hype
The hype of Supreme result from a lot of people who wear it, appear in it and back it. The Supreme brand won’t have reached its heights if not for the fact that a lot of famous artists wear them once in a while which as only helped in increasing the hype. But it is also expedient to say; the Supreme product is worth the hype because it helps smaller artists flourish and also due to its high-end quality and exquisite designs.

For a lot of streetwear fans, Supreme is a weird topic. Some people own Supreme items and will tell you it is worth the hype because of the quality. However, some people will tell you it is not worth the hype and price. In my eyes some of the brand’s item worth the hype while some do not worth it. Whether or not Supreme worth the hype depends on the eyes of the beholder.

Whichever way you view the Supreme brand, you should note that the Supreme is way expensive. But what makes the price too high is due to the activities of resellers who take advantage of its rarity, quality, and its hype to increase the cost to their advantage. If you think Supreme is worth your hard earned money, you also need to make sure you are not buying fake Supreme and only dealing with reputable sellers. For eBay they are:
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