Supreme vs Other Brands (Bape, Palace, Stussy etc.)

How does Supreme compare to other streetwear brands like Bape, Palace and Stussy in terms of popularity and overall value for your money? In this article, I explain some similarities and difference between Supreme and other brands. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand which brand suites you style better and where to invest your hard earned money.

What is BAPE?

BAPE is a Japanese brand which was once known for offering quality streetwear for men only, but now it has expanded to ladies and kids fashion as well. It is well-known for original patterns, characters, and iconic designs. It is credited with creating characters such as APE HEAD, BAPE STA, BAPE CAMO, BABY MILO, SHARK HOODIE, etc.

How is BAPE compared to Supreme?

The main difference between these two brands is that they are inspired by different cultures and lifestyles. While BAPE is inspired by Japanese culture and lifestyle, Supreme is all American brand inspired by European culture and lifestyle.

BAPE is mostly influenced by the hip-hop culture while Supreme is most influenced by skateboarding culture. It has also been influenced by punk rock and hip-hop culture. So, your personal, cultural trend preference matters a lot when you are out to pick a product.

Talking about costs, we all know that the cost of Supreme products is slightly lower than BAPE. But most of us looking for quality products don’t care about the slight differences, do we? If you are planning to resell the products, then Supreme is a better option because it’s demand is much higher than BAPE. Finding BAPE products is easier online than offline as it’s not spread largely across the globe.

What is Palace?

Palace is a streetwear brand that comes with a British touch. It had its beginnings in 2009 and had exploded everywhere. It is a brand that’s has huge demand and people wait for Palace products to arrive or a store to open. After all, it’s the brand that represents cool and is supported by celebs like Beyoncé.

How is Palace compared to Supreme?

When it comes to popularity, Palace is giving Supreme a run for its money. Supreme is still on the highest place when it comes to popularity and a factor that aids it is that they bring in unique designs and patterns that are available for a limited period and won’t repeat ever. Palace is gaining popularity among the younger generation because of its unique styles and the commitment to offer something new.

Palace is also preferred by people who skateboard and used Palace skateboards as kids and are now looking for fashion products from a brand they can trust. Supreme is preferred by people who like the European touch added to the NY based styles as the styles become more sophisticated. Some people prefer Palace because the placement and size of box logos by Supreme are not preferred by them. Palace is more culture-oriented than Supreme according to some customers.

What is Stussy?

Stussy is another menswear brand that is influenced by the skateboard and hip-hop trend. It had its beginnings in the 1980s. The signature logo on the menswear and surfboards is what made the brand unique and quite popular. Though this brand had its origins in California, now it has expanded its reach across various parts of the globe.

How is Stussy compared to Supreme?

Some people prefer Stussy because it’s more appealing and attention catching. In contrast, Supreme is more simple and straightforward. Stussy is also comparatively cheaper and easily available in almost all designs while Supreme has the entire “exclusive” and “limited edition” things going for it.

Stussy is also preferred by people who like the designs to be more detail oriented while Supreme is preferred for its ability to stay ahead of the fashion curve and create products that define fashion. Though innovation is the strong suit of both these brands, Stussy offers innovation by merging it with the good old trends, which is preferred by people who like classic designs modernized. In essence, Stussy merges yesterday with today to create designs of tomorrow while Supreme gets incredible popularity due to its originality. Some people also think that groundwork for Supreme was laid by Stussy as it was innovated earlier!

Should I buy Supreme or one of these other brands?

Supreme vs Other Brands
If you are confused whether to buy Supreme, Stussy, BAPE or Palace, my advice is that you should look at the offerings of all brands and pick the products you like based on your personality, your design/color preferences, and your budget. Don’t wait for someone else’s approval but go for the brand that offers you most comfort, value for money and your style.

Whether you are buying clothes or a surfboard, pick products that you can use for years without feeling old fashioned or awkward. When you are happy, the products would seem worth the cost and effort you put into acquiring them.

Where can I buy authentic Bape, Palace, Stussy etc. (ie. find legit sellers)?

Visit their official webpage shopping page to buy their products online. If the items are limited or sold out then your other option is to buy from resellers, but as I have mentioned on this website many times be very careful with fakes and scammers. I recommend visiting, they have a list of legit sellers and websites that sells authentic items for these brands: Bape legit sellers, Palace legit sellers. And of course for Supreme, visit my Supreme legit sellers page.

All in all, it can be seen that all four brands, Stussy, Palace, BAPE, and Supreme have something that makes them unique. You should pick the products that appeal to your sense of style and comfort.