Real Supreme Stickers Guide

Supreme is a pioneer of streetwear and a symbol of luxury. I have been a huge fan of Supreme too from the time when getting their tee was difficult. Aside from their streetwear and accessories, I truly enjoy collecting their stickers. So if you are with me in this collection, keep on reading to find out how I got these premium stickers and everything else you need to know about Supreme stickers.

Real Supreme Stickers Guide
Supreme Stickers Price

In the past, you got those stickers with the purchase of a great promotion project and eye-catchy graphics. While still a thing, it's completely random and sometimes depends on your product selection.

You don’t need to test your luck with those luxury price tags, you can easily buy Supreme stickers for around $5 to $2000. Sounds insane right? Stickers come in different dimensions and designs which affect pricing majorly.

Supreme Stickers Pack

I prefer sticker packs or bundles to get a good deal. However sticker packs often only include small sizes ( 2-3 inches) featuring funky figures and signature Supreme logos. I love using these kinds of stickers to custom design my murals or decals for my laptop, mobile, or my collection board.

Supreme Sticker Dimensions

You will find the following dimensions of Supreme stickers:
- Small size: 3.8 x 1.3 inches or 4 x1.38 inches (Suitable for customization of mobile, laptops, or a custom mural board)
- Medium size: 6 inches x 2 inches or 7.5 x 2.5inches (Suitable for Laptops and suitcase)
- Large Size: 5 x 1.7 inches or 8 x 2.7 inches (Suitable for Car or wall decals)

Where to buy real Supreme stickers?

Just like their streetwear, you can also encounter replica Supreme stickers in the market. Which is pretty obvious considering the brand and its craze. I always prefer buying from the reputable websites you see on the sidebar and also from legit eBay seller: croatianstyle, poofyo101jumpmansneakers, pondon, uniquehypecollection

These sellers only sell authentic Supreme stickers in a variety of designs and sizes. You can even find some limited-edition stickers here as well. Or if you have one, you can sell them too! The price range falls between $3-$2000 on average.

Supreme Sticker For...
Supreme Stickers Pack

Supreme stickers for cars: I have a couple of Supreme signature box logo stickers on my car. Which honestly looks so cool that I may want to experiment with other figures as well. If you also want to buy a Supreme sticker for your car go for a large size having dimensions between 5 x 1.7 inches or 8 x 2.7 inches.

Supreme stickers for laptop: To customize a laptop you can go for medium or large-size stickers depending on the dimensions of your device. I have a 13-inch MacBook, and medium-sized Supreme stickers fit perfectly on it. I have also added those tiny 3.8 x 1.3 inches figures on the inside. You can customize it to your preferences.

Supreme wall decal: Large size Supreme stickers having dimensions around 5 x 1.7 inches or 8 x 2.7 inches can be great as wall decals. These can complement any room theme literally. I have designed mine with a statement wall decal and a separate mural with small stickers.

This was all about real Supreme stickers. For some, it might be nothing but a promotion element but for some of us including me, it’s an art with so much variety of eye-catching graphics and figures even some celebs' figures. You can customize endlessly with these premium stickers. Adding a great artistic and luxury element to your place. I hope this article was helpful and I was able to provide the information you came here for. Buy stickers that go with your personality.