How to Shrink or Stretch Your Supreme

Supreme are obviously an expensive purchase and it can be a hassle for your pocket if ever you happen to buy sizes that are either too small or too large for you which is pretty common if you buy online. In case you encounter this kind of problem, here are some tips on how you can shrink or stretch your Supreme product.

IMPORTANT NOTE! These are general advice and should be followed at your own risk. I don't have to say this but DO NOT BLAME ME if you end up ruining your Supreme!

How to Shrink Your Supreme
How to Shrink Your Supreme

How to shrink Supreme t-shirt/tees
- Supreme t-shirts are already pre-shrunk but fret not, there are still ways you can shrink your Supreme tees by 3%-5% its original size.
- One way is by using your washer and dryer. Make sure you set it to its highest temperature so that the fibers in your shirt will tighten.
- Put the shirt in the dryer immediately after it’s done with the wash cycle.
- Wait for the shirt to complete the whole cycle in the dryer for guaranteed best results.
- If you are still not satisfied with the result, you can always repeat the process until you achieve your desired size.

How to shrink Supreme hoodies and sweatshirts
- You can do the same process of shrinking tees, but if you want to have another option in doing it, there is the process of boiling hoodies or sweatshirts down.
- To do so, you fill a cooking pot, big enough for a hoodie, with 2 gallons of hot water.
- Before you put the hoodie inside the pot, soak the hoodie first with warm water and then twist it to get the excess water out.
- Afterwards, boil the water until it is hotter than 176 degrees Fahrenheit and then put the hoodie in the boiling water.
- Let it boil for around 15-20 minutes and then let it cool first after you take it out of the cooking pot.
- After it has cooled down, you wring out any excess water and then put it in the dryer for about 20 minutes. Make sure to set the dryer to its highest temperature.
- Check the hoodie if it has already shrunk down to your preference and if not, dry it for another 20 minutes until you achieve your desired size.

How to shrink Supreme cap/hat
- Shrinking caps can turn into a disaster if not done well. It can lead to irreversible damage to your cap by altering the shape of it which will just make the cap not usable anymore.
- The better way in shrinking caps is by taking a shower in hot water while using your cap. It might sound funny, but it is very effective.
- However, make sure that the water is not too hot or do not let it soak for a long time. Or else, you might damage the natural shape of your cap.
- Do it for about 3-5 minutes only with the water mostly focusing on the crown of the cap and not on the bill.

How to Stretch Your Supreme
How to Stretch Your Supreme

How to stretch Supreme T-shirt/tees
- If you want your Supreme shirt to get bigger, you might want to try out the conditioner stretch method.
- To start off, soak your shirt with warm water and then add ¼ cup of conditioner or for alternative, baby shampoo, into any container that will fit the shirt completely.
- Make sure that the shirt is completely submerged into the water. Let the shirt soak for about 15 minutes.
- After that, put the shirt again but in a clean warm water.
- Rinse off the remaining conditioner or baby shampoo in the shirt and then let it soak again for 5 minutes.
- Wring the excess water off the shirt and then put it on a parchment paper or a towel.
- Stretch the shirt according to your preference and then put any heavy objects you’d like on the corners of the shirt to ensure that the shirt stays in place.
- Let the shirt dry and then check afterwards if the shirt has already stretched to your liking.

How to stretch Supreme hoodies and sweatshirts
- Just like the other methods, using your washing machine can also work if you want to stretch your Supreme hoodies or sweatshirts.
- You can do this by putting your hoodie in the washer and then drying it on medium heat for about 20 minutes.
- Make sure that the hoodie still has dampness when you remove it from the dryer.
- Afterwards, iron it with the setting on “cotton” mode and stretch it while you’re ironing it.
- Put heavy objects on the edges of the hoodies as well to let it stay in place.

How to stretch Supreme caps/hats
- There is called a Spritz and Go technique which is generally used to stretch caps.
- First, you spritz water on the outside and inside of the cap as well as in the inside band but not the brim.
- Dry it using your hairdryer with the highest temperature, focusing first on the inside of the cap and gradually drying off the outside of the cap as well.
- Make sure you leave a little dampness on the cap and then wear it until it dries for a number of hours. Afterwards, you have a stretched cap that perfectly fits your head.

Hopefully this guide help you out. If you have any suggestions/tips to improve this guide feel free to let me know. PS. You might also be interested on my How to Wash and Clean Your Supreme article :)